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MINI Motor Con - A MINI Motoring Club in the East Bay!
Of course MINIs like MINIs. They just can't help it. So it's only natural that they (along with their eclectic, but always interesting owners) like getting together whenever possible, with fun times usually tagging right along. We like to motor, find the curviest roads, and the most interesting spots. Does this seem like fun to you? We hope to make MINI Motor Con, a enthusiastic community of rugged individualists who genuinely feel and act more spontaneous thanks to their MINIs. After one joins, they never at a loss for friends or things to do, whether it's rallying, road tripping, racing or supporting a good cause. Because even though MINI Owners come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds, they all share one belief: life is way too short to leave it in park.
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  • Wine Run with Sacramento MINIs 1-18-2014 11am